Refund Policy

For any subscription based products (does NOT include downloadable products like Isonas .NET Client Library):

Within the first 30 days:

You will have a 30 day free trial and can cancel any time in the 1st 30 days with no charge. (See button below).

After 30 days:

  1. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will not be charged again.
  2. If you cancel in the middle of your billing period, then you will NOT received a refund for the charges you have already paid for that month, but you will not be charged again.  For example, if you signed up on the January 5, then decide to cancel in March, you can cancel on March 4 and will not be charged for March 5 - April 5.  If you cancel on March 5, you will still be charged for the service period through April 5.
  3. This policy is designed to keep things simple and works in conjunction with the month to month, no contract nature of BSW Technology Consulting's products.

Downloadable products (includes Isonas .NET Client Library):

We value giving you a product free of annoying license files and utilities that try to "phone home."  This does expose us to fraud since you can continue to use the product after obtaining a refund from us.  With that in mind:

  1. We will consider refunds of these products on a case by case basis
  2. Refund requests must be made within 15 days of the transaction.  Any request after 15 days will NOT be honored.


For any service contracts you have with BSW Technology Consulting, any provisions on those contracts supersede anything listed here.