Isonas .NET Client Library

Isonas provides an affordable, pure IP based access control system.  We add to that by providing a nice .NET client library that uses Isonas's TCP API exposed through the INRServ process.  You can immediately begin writing .NET applications that interact with any Isonas access control system.

Key features (Version 1.2.1)

  • .NET 4.5 - Uses async/await for all socket operations with Isonas
  • AES encryption using .NET managed encryption (as of version 1.1)
  • Add, delete, or query:
    • ID Files
    • Badges
    • Group names
    • Group membership
    • Shifts
    • Permissions
  • Controller/supervisor status query
  • Query history
  • Apply changes


$150 USD per license

License allows unlimited usage within your organization

OEM usage (embedding in an application), contact us


What is included in the price?

  • All updates for 2 years
  • Email support
  • Source code (Bitbucket/Git link emailed within 24 hours)

When do I receive the product?

  • Download link emailed automatically upon purchase
API usage (1.2.1)

API usage (1.2.1)

More information

API doc (version 1.2.1)


Version roadmap


Other queries
Door/door group management 


Full support for real time capture of Isonas events