Offers several Rake tasks that make building .NET projects easier.

Guiding Principles

  • Convention over configuration (we don't make you tell us where msbuild.exe is, we use the registry and we let you override the path) 
  • Rakefiles should be specification files and free of 'implementation' details

Key Features

  • MSBuild - for compilation, but any target is supported
  • Install coordinator
    • Generates/updates a Paraffin WXS fragment
    • Running a WIX build using MSBuild
    • Embeds the MSI in a dotNetInstaller based bootstrapper for .NET framework prereq, etc.
    • Uses signtool.exe to sign both the MSI and EXE with a code signing certificate
  • NUnit - NUnit console runner for running unit tests
  • BCP - seeding SQL Server databases with comma separated value files (and handling escaping properly) 
  • Google JS Test Driver
  • SQLCMD - executing DDL against SQL Server databases
  • Yahoo Minify JS support (using Java library)


Price: Free